Kerry’s Litter - Photo Diary Week 1.

We’re delighted to welcome Kerry’s first litter of pups.

Sire: Ch. Conquistador Des Beldones (Billy)
Dam: Fiorcara Sweet Laurel (Kerry)

The result of a mating with Conquistador Des Beldones, our aim is to breed for soundness and temperament whilst keeping true to the traditional roots of the breed.

Needless to say, we are delighted with the results of this mating as we have a beautiful litter of sable and whites, four dogs and two bitches, born in the early hours of 6th November 2010.

November 7th
Kerry is taking her new duties as a mum very seriously and is thoroughly enjoying being waited on hand and foot as she takes care of the pups. She loves keeping them clean, as well as keeping them close as the photos show!

As Kerry adjusted to being a mum she was very enthusiastic keeping all her pups in order. As soon as someone squeaked, they got a wash, whether they needed it or not.

She also did well for food, and only needed to go out once in the night. She didn’t get much sleep, as she was still busy enjoying having all of her pups around her.

November 8th
With her pups now thoroughly cleaned, Kerry was becoming more settled into her role, and decided to spend more time taking naps during the day, whilst the pups enjoyed being snuggled up with her.
They are all putting weight on in the first day and are starting to have a bit more fun climbing over mum and having group sleeping sessions before their next visit to the ‘milk bar’!

November 9th
The pups continue to put on weight at a reassuring rate as Kerry supplies the milk and keeps them clean as well as a warm place to snooze between feeds.

November 10th
We got the video recorder out - take a look at the video diary page here...

November 12th
All the pups weigh over 1lb now, having doubled, or  very close to doubling their birth weight already. Kerry is starting to spend some time out of the litter box, but stays very close so she can keep an eye on them as well as jumping back in for a feed when the ‘natives’ get restless...


Pictured above:
Kerry’s Ultrasound scan at 6 weeks

An early selection of photos - pups are one day old.


Some photos from day two...


Below and Right:
Some photos from day three...


Below and Right:
Some photos from November 12th


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