Kerry’s Litter - Photo Diary Week 2.

November 14th
Kerry continues to make good progress as do the pups who keep putting the weight on!

As the pups grow, Kerry seems to be getting a greater appetite and is eating three time what she normally does to keep up with looking after her litter.

November 15th
The pups are definitely getting bigger! they all used to fit neatly in for a feed, but now as the photos show, it’s starting to look like a rugby scrum!

November 18th
Anticipation builds as we draw close to the time when the pups eyes should soon be opening! Also, in today’s daily
pup weighing session we hit another milestone - one of them has gone over 2lb in weight with the rest not far behind at all.

Our delivery of Panacur worming paste arrived in the post today, so we’re looking forward to that delightful task at the weekend.


Above and Below:
Some photos from November 14th/15th


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Above (right) and Below:
Some photos from 18th November...



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