Kerry’s Litter - Photo Diary Week 3.

November 20th
t’s time to worm the pups - over the next three days they are given a dose of Panacur worming paste. They also get a little bit of goat’s yoghurt afterwards, which they seem to like... yum!

We also reach another milestone as everyone’s eyes are now open, and now they are starting to respond to sound too.

November 22nd
The worming is complete (although we will have to repeat the exercise in two weeks time).

Kerry now feeds the pups sitting up as she encourages them to stand for themselves. As the pups get used to wobbling around on their legs, we feel it won’t be long before someone escapes out of the litter box!!

In today’s weigh-in we are now getting very close to the 3lb weight as the pups grow and grow!

Kerry’s brother (Connor) is allowed in for a visit and reminds us what a gentle dog he is. He loves sitting in the doorway
and watching the pups whilst Kerry takes nap.

Above and Below:
Some photos from November 20th - 22nd


‘Uncle’ Connor meets a pup...

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