Holly and Tess

Against the backdrop of the Beginning, our Journey with Rough Collies is an unfolding story. We have captured the essence of it here, however we find it difficult to portray in words and pictures the special times that our dogs rewards us with.  The story has been grouped around  a set of events, or chapters:

A Visit to the Ladnar Kennel.

The next, and current chapter of our story began in the summer of 2002 when we visied Sue and Dave Randall to see their collies.
Anyone who has been there will know what a warm and welcoming place this is.

To cut a long story short, this is where we met “Stella” (Ladnar Red Rowena) who completely captivated us. Walkie time came around and we joined Sue and the pack for a walk across the fields. By the time we got back we were hooked. (actually it only took ten seconds after seeing Stella and we were hooked).Looking back, I think Sue was wondering if we were ever going to leave! There were no pups available at that time, so we went on a waiting list.We didn’t know how long we would have to wait for, but it felt like the right thing to do.

The months passed and we waited. Christmas 2002 came, along with a Christmas card from Sue with a note stating the possibility of a litter in the spring.In May we got a phone call - Stella had a mating with Drenoss Infamous, a litter of pups had resulted, and there was a bitch available!

Along Came Tess.

Tess (or to use her Sunday name, Ladnar Red Regina at Fiorcara) came to live with us in June 2003 and we quickly had to re-learn what raising a young pup was all about, but we enjoyed every minute!

With Sue and Dave Randall being near by we frequently went back to visit. Sue had kept a bitch from the same litter (Heidi, otherwise known as Ladnar Ginger Rogers) and a blue bitch from another litter was also about the same age (this was Mindy - Ladnar Sweet Crystal). So Tess often went for walks with Heidi and Mindy and at the same time, we often went for walks with Sue and Dave.

It was during one of these walks, or shortly afterwards in the Randall’s kitchen when Dave innocently asked us if we were going to show Tess. Sandra and I looked at each other... “Show her, what on earth does that involve?” Dave’s reply, or should I say offer, was difficult to turn down. “ Why don’t you bring her to ring craft with us next week, it’s cheaper than socialisation classes and you can find out about showing at the same time!”

Ringcaft started as socialisation and turned into, well, ringcraft! Schedules were discovered, movement was practiced, and an entry in an open show at Newark Showground was placed. Thank goodness Sue and Dave had entered Heidi and Mindy at the same show - we did not have a clue! It seemed different to ringcraft. It was different to ringcraft and somehow we managed to get a 3rd place out of five puppy bitches!

The showing continued, with many placings at open, breed and championship shows. Tess delighted us when she qualified for Crufts too! Her first silverware came at the Midland Collie Club Open show where she took best bitch and reserve best in show.

She is more at home out in the fields, and the woods of Leicestershire than in the show ring, but her showing career has always delighted us and every year she has qualified for Crufts.

Those who know Stella, quite often refer to Tess as “Stella the second” as she really is like her mum in so many ways, in her temprament, her mannersims and her antics!

More pictures and pedigree details for Tess are available in the “The Dogs” section of the site, which can be found here.

And Then There Was Holly

When we learned that Stella was expecting a litter in the spring of 2004, it just seemed right to have a companion for Tess. So from the mating of Ladnar Red Rowena with Sandiacre Say It With Music came Holly, or to give her full name Ladnar Red Renaissance at Fiorcara.

Holly came to live with us in June 2004 and was an instant hit with Tess, who took great delight in becoming aquainted with the new resident. It was not long before Tess decided it was her job to look after the new pup.

It was not long before Holly joined Tess on trips to local shows, and did her fair share of adding to the collection of rosettes, as well as earning her place at Crufts!

More pictures and pedigree details for Holly are available in the “The Dogs” section of the site, which can be found here.

Holly the P.A.T. Dog

Holly was always a ‘people’ dog and her gentle nature  and sunny disposition shines through wherever she is. So it came naturally to her to accompany Sandra to regularly visit a local care home and more recently Loughborough Hospital as a Pets As Therapy dog.She passed her PAT dog assessment at just 9 months old, and has been bringing joy into many peoples lives ever since, in a way that only a loving and gentle rough collie can.

Good Citizens!

Holly and Tess are the best of friends and just love going out and about together, whether it’s at a show, a shopping trip to the local town (Ashby de la Zouch) or a walk around the fields.

Looking for something else ‘fun’ to do we decided we would have a go at the Kennel Club Good Citizen Scheme tests. First was the Bronze test. We obtained a copy of the test and began training the girls ourselves. A few weeks later, when we figured we were ready we found a local dog traiing club (Wigston Magna)that would let us take the test, and bingo! we passed Bronze.

Next was Silver. This time we  attended the traiing classes at the club each week and a few weeks later, the Silver Test was successfully completed!

That just left Gold. We carried on with the training, but because of seasons and such like it was six months later before we could take the test, which again the girls passed!

Tess Becomes a PAT Dog too!

Seeing how much joy Holly brought on her PAT dog visits, we decided it would be great for Tess to be a part of this important voluntary work - her calm temerament was ideal, and she easily passed her assessment. She and Holly now take it in turns on the visits to a local care home and hospital. And, as Sandra and the girls meet more people we continue to be amazed by how many people that we visit tell us how they remember having a rough collie in the family in their childhood.

Out of Stella’s first litter there was this young lady, who later got called Tess and came to live with us in the summer of 2003.

Tess in 2006, on holiday at Wasdale in the Lake District.

Her first cup! December 2004. Tess takes BB and RBIS at Midland Collie.

Holly and Tess (aka ‘The Girls’) in the garden -July 2004

Holly and Tess enjoying a run on one of their favourite walks in the newly planted National Forest

Holly - the typically inquisitive rough collie!

Holly on holiday in Lancashire - September 2005


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