Above: Fiorcara Sweet Laurel (Kerry) overlooking Thirlmere.


Welcome to Fiorcara Rough Collies, in rural Leicestershire.

Founded in 2006, but with beginnings that go back many years before, this web site tells the story of our on-going involvement in this breed, our dogs and those who have helped us along the way.

  • Our Story” how we got together and our early days with rough collies and the unfolding story of the Fiorcara kennels. As such it is a growing and evolving part of the site. (Updated 9th April, 2015)
  • The Dogs” is where you will find information, pedigrees and photo galleries of the Fiorcara collies..
  • Away From Home” is dedicated to the dogs we have bred who are living away from home, yet still close to our hearts!
  • Contact Us” provides information on how to make contact with us, if we can help you.
  • Resources”  provides access to collie-type information we have made available as well as links to some of our favourite collie pages on the web.

Our affix Fiorcara (pronounced feer -cara) is derived from the Gaelic words for “true” and “friend”
to capture the Scottish heritage of this breed as well as the loyal and gentle nature of the temperament
of what we think is the best canine companion anyone could ask for.


This web site, all contents and images are Copyright of Fiorcara Rough Collies