We have never actually found all the basic information that we needed to know, or be able to pass on to a new collie owner, in one place.

Because of this we have decided to put, from our perspective, all the essentials in one place so that our pups can go to their new homes with  a comprehensive 'owners guide'. Subsequently we have decided to make our owners guide available on line in the hope that it will help many more collies and their owners.

Our on-line owner’s guide has been produced with the purpose of passing on our knowledge and experience as well as the useful advice that other collie owners and breeders have shared with us.

As such, we cannot accept any liability, direct or implied, for the use of this information and any consequences.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us! If you have found our on- line owners guide useful, please leave a message on our Guestbook...


We would like to thank all those who have so openly shared their knowledge and know-how with us over the years. A special thank you goes to Sue Randall of Ladnar Collies for her help and advice, and for proof reading and validating the printed version of our owners guide - thank you Sue!



Your Collies’ Basic Requests!

Puppy Care Part 1.
Getting Ready & The Journey Home

Puppy Care Part 2.
Arriving Home & The First Night

Puppy Care Part 3.
    Feeding & Diet, Monitoring Weight, Drinking Water,
    Changing  Brands, Refusing Food/ Loss of Appetite.

Puppy Care Part 4
Toilet training, Vomiting / Diarrhea.

Puppy Care Part 5
Treats and Doggie Snacks, Chocolate and Dogs, Bones and
    Treats as Training Rewards! Advice for when pup is teething.

Puppy Care Part 6
Immunisation, Worming, Ivermectin and drug sensitivity and
    dealing with fleas!

Puppy Care Part 7
Exercising Pup, Grooming Pup and the Collar and Lead.

Puppy Care Part 8
Development and Socialisation,Summary of Canine Development
    Stages, Socialisation – In General, Socialisation – Other Dogs,
    Getting Used to the Car, General Outdoor Care.

Grooming and Regular Care Part 1
The weekly routine, Cleaning - to Bath or not to Bath!

Grooming and Regular Care Part 2
    Brushing and Coat Care, The Basic Technique – Body, Chest
    and Hocks, ‘Feathering and Petticoats’. Around the Ears.
    Dealing with Tangles and Matts. Legs and Feet. Tail.

Grooming and Regular Care Part 3
Paws and Claws, Keeping the feet trimmed. Hocks
    and Pasterns. Claws.

Grooming and Regular Care Part 4
Teeth. Ears and Nose.

First Aid
First Aid Kit to Keep in the Car. Additional Items to Keep at Home,
    Normal Temperature of a healthy dog.


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