VIDEO CLIPS - the first eight weeks!

If you have a hi-speed connection, we hope you’ll enjoy looking at our video clips of Holly and her litter!.

Movie 1:
Week 1 - Mum takes care of her 1 week old litter

Movie 2:
Week 2 - The natives are getting restless!

Movie 3:
Week 3 - Feeding time - great if you like scrambled eggs, evaporated milk and weetabix!

Movie 4:
Week 4 -Four weeks old and the great outdoors calls! Footage of the pups first outing through the back door!!

Movie 5:
Week 4 - Two friends play together...

Movie 6:
Week 5 - I just want Mum to notice me...

Movie 7:
Week 5 - Taking the paper to bed, followed by killing the duck!

Movie 8:
Week 5 - Escape to the great oudoors - to try out those new teeth!

Movie 9:
Week 6 - On the lawn- playing with Aunt Tess

Week 6 - The umbrella incident. Who left it here? 

Movie 11:
Week 6 - It’s my toy so get off!

Movie 12:
Week 7 - Night time manoeuvers! The camera is in’ night mode’ to see what happens after lights out.

Movie 13:
Week 7 - On the bottle. Who could believe an empty one was so much fun!

Movie 14:
Week 7 - It’s a stupid toy anyway!

Movie 15:
Week 7 - Let’s rearrange mums bed!

Movie 16:
Week 7 - The great escape! The world beyond the kitchen door awaits (so does Holly)!

Movie 17:
Week 8 - Snake Attack! Actually, iit’s the pups attacking a toy snake!

Movie 18:
Week 8 - Caught In The Act! “I wasn’t chewing it - honest”

Movie 19:
Week 8 - After Breakfast Fun!

Pictured Right:
Mum (Holly on the left) and Aunt Tess (on the right) check on the pups.

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