PHOTO JOURNAL - The first eight weeks!

Relive the first eight weeks through the weekly photo updates we published on mum and the litter.

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 2nd June: One week old...

... and the pups are growing steadily and putting on weight.Taking a well earned break from her PAT Dog visits, Holly is proving to be an excellent mum and taking very good care of her litter.

 10th June: Just over two weeks old...

...this was the week that their eyes opened. All of a sudden the pups became a lot more interested in what was outside the litter box. A couple of days later they could also hear and were soon responding to various sounds.

Holly’s preferred feeding position is now sitting up. The boy’s preferred pastime seems to be scaling the south face of the litter box and exploring the kitchen!!

 15th June: Now they’re three weeks old...

...and now the pups are turning into explorers and steadily gaining weight. They had their first ‘worming’ treatment this week. Also, they discovered the delights of scrambled eggs, carnation milk, and lean minced beef.

 21st June: Four weeks old...

Time to experience the great outdoors as the pups venture out onto the patio! They’re getting bigger and starting to eat puppy food. Their ‘table manners’ are also improving as they get the hang of not standing in the dish!!

 28th June: They’re now five weeks old...

At five weeks old, many of the pups are weighing over 5lbs. They have  sharp little teetch and are becoming a lot more ‘playful’ as they try beating each other up (see our video section). Of course, after a mad session they have a long sleep and look cute again... for a while!

Holly is not spending as much time with them at this age, as they are now on puppy food. Although mum gives them a ‘top up’ morning and evening.

For the past week, the pups have also being enjoying a daily groom with a puppy sized brush!

 5th July: Six weeks old!

Now weighing over 7lb, they are really coming on and becoming very outgoing. They’re getting quite used to the daily brushing that Sandra gives them - so they’ll be used to being handled and brushed by their new owners!

 12th July: Seven weeks old today!

lLast week we thought they were fun, this week we’ve concluded that they are all hooligans - as our latest videos prove! Of course, they still look like butter wouldn’t melt... when they’re sleeping, that is! Thank goodness they’ll be going to their new homes in a weeks time!!!

 20th July: They’re Eight Weeks Old!

This week’s update is written with mixed emotions! At eight weeks old, our pups are ready to go to their new homes - we’re sad to be seeing them go, but delighted to have found such lovely homes for them to go to. We wish all our new Fiorcara owners all the best for the future! We are keeping a boy and girl from the litter, and will be providing news of Kerry and Connor’s progress in the coming weeks and months!

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